Sapucaia Roca

The First Meeting...Mostly

LIfe is tough as a drunk tank regular


“The Amazing” Rando (Michael), of Rando’s Restorative Relixer, saved Aric Mane (Gerbs) from death. He was the “pathetic” sell as a kid. Now, they’ve been together 6 years. Aric is now about 18, and Rando’s muscle. Rando is a flim flam con man, with a heart of gold. Aric is the only other one that knows about the ingredients to the miracle tonic. They have a surrogate father son deal. Aric is not a talker, not real bright either. “Don’t punch down.” He only skims from the well to do. They’ll rig a contest to fight the strong man, and grift from the locals. A private eye with a client is following the trail of their broken hearts and rubber checks. Rando has a long lost love, whose father wasn’t keen on their romance. “She smelled nice like anise, although a bit dull.”

Rando, Aric, and the private eye all wake up in jail together. The P.I. is both tsk-tsking Rando for his tonic, and giving kudos to his business acumen. They are discussing what the charges might be. The cell is an old wooden shack, set into the ground are thick iron bars with a tiny window, letting in a thin shaft of light. The light strikes their eyes, waking them up. They have everything on them, weapons and all. Outside the window, a hungover Rando, sees a field of grass and trees in full green bloom. The last he remembers, they set up a card game in the bar, making friends, things going well. There was an elf, who thought what they were doing was morally reprehensible. After that, he remembers a lot of drink, a lot, a lot, and maybe a walk. He negotiated a tonic for beer situation, adding to the inebriation. There was a guitar, and singing. Aric recounts, “I don’t usually drink, but I did.” Rando’s marked cards are not in their

The elf starts recounting, “The bar, Rando talking about his tonic, beer…” Nectar is mildly hallucinogenic, euphoric. Elf, “Are we in the drunk tank?!” Yes. Yes, they are. They hear spurred boot steps from down the hall. Aric sits on the blankets and straw. Dusting himself off, Rando calls, “Good morning” and a fancy man calls, “good afternoon.” He has a nicer rapier than the elf, and is well dressed, with a giant belt buckle. He opens the cell. The elf, Illis’kar (Illy) introduces herself and asks the stranger his name. Mssr Dobrão is rebuffed by their lack of reaction. He keeps a mean tom cat in the jail. All black with fierce eyes, a dragon’s mouth, which flicks a long snake-like tongue at the three. Dobrão offers them a shots, which will “get them past the jail cat.” The boys drink, and Illy tries to stealth avoid the shot. She “spilled” it, and asks for another.

Leaving jail, there is a colorful little town with stone and clay houses. Not a remnant of the empire, everything curves and flows. All the streets are winding. The climate is hot, humid, and bright. They hear the lonely notes of a flute, several blocks away.

Thava, a dragonborn, monk/sailor and Yossarian, a halfling – first generation freed slave, sorcerer/entertainer come to town by boat. They may have met on the boat to town, but find themselves drinking at the bar where the drunk tank three made poor decisions.

Tyvia Kulavanth is a successful entrepreneur, who tires of living vicariously through the tales of her clientele. Leaving the house in the care of her second, she seeks adventure. Perhaps to return, someday, after her wanderlust is sated. Grillo, the village town with the blackout bar, is but one stop on her world tour.
The relic of Chrimeria, a crescent shaped treasure of spun gold with jewels, legend has it this is how to get into the ancient mountain worlds. Stolen by the unseelie. Proud totem of the village of Grillo. Illy is on the trail for her client, and she goes after the relic in order to track the target. Aric and Rando help the PI get through the forest to the to the ruin. Tyvia, Illy, Aric, Rando, and Thava all go to the ruins together. Tyvia takes a liking to Thava, based on them both being of unusual race. Aric has no qualm with the ladies joining the drunk-tank-three.

Suddenly, the six of us, find ourselves in a dark room, of an ancient ruin, with slit windows at the ceiling height. Something is pounding on a large wooden door. A massive, muscular thing is splintering it with each strike. Chased into the room by goblin unseelie, who were on the trail of the halfling, Yossarian. There is a table and several wardrobes in the room, and darkness beyond. Thava has taken a look at some papers. Illy is looking for passages and along walls, with the aid of Rando. They find an alcove, with a sliver of light at the base of the wall. When Rando touches the stones, they are slimy and malleable. The look much newer. He pushes through, and there is a tingling sensation. He pokes at it with his rapier. A thin trickle of liquid pours out. It is bloodlike. That brick falls to the ground with a splat, releasing more bloodlike liquid, and the wall around it begins to shudder.

Yossarian also begins to examine the papers, learning that the author of the papers was properly educated, maybe arcane, no way to tell. Aric is leaning on the splintering door, and Thava is helping with his plan to stab out of the splinters into the goblins. He stabs through the door and pulls it back through, leaving a hole in the door, and pained goblin(s) on the other side. She moves to spit acid through the hole, to buy some more time. The pods that she shoots, hit both goblins and the door. Those goblins? Oh, no, that’s an ogre.

To be continued… Aric means to wrastle an ogre.



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