Sapucaia Roca

When one of us dies in this manner, it is customary for a service to be performed

Until he took an arrow in the knee...


Lugosh and Thava are pulled up into the trees by the vines. (The players are not here for this session.) Rando has an epiphany about the stony vines; the land is infused with magic. The stony vines are not naturally here, but they are magically so. Because of the stone aspect of the vines, it is probable that there is an outside force at work.

Aric begins to wrench himself out of the stony vines, before they begin to harden around him. Tyvia stares in wonderment, unable to help any of her comrades. Yossarian tries to slither out of the vines, and they begin to wrap further around him. He tries to break free, and that proves more effective. “Poof-Cha!” he says in excitement. Illy tries to get her blade free, but cannot due to the way the vines pull on her. Fighting the vines with pure strength gets her free.

Rando notices off to the west, a floating, very bright light, shining in all directions. He goes wide around to get a better look at the light, and the view stays the same from all angles. Aric picks up a rock to hit other rocks with, if need be. He then talks to Rando about what he sees. Rando imparts to Aric his knowledge of the light.

Yossarian recognizes this as an unseelie spell. Rando then tells Yossarian about where he thinks the spell caster is. Illy sees a beautiful woman, in the foliage, watching all of us – especially Rando and Tyvia. Illy calls to whom she assumes is a stone nymph, “ho there! we mean no harm. we’re just here to talk.”

The woman has a gray cast to her, and the hair is silver in a gorgeous way – not aged. Rando introduces himself, asking if she is the beautiful creature we encountered in the ruin. She says she doesn’t recall any other beautiful creatures there, so she must be. Tyvia is totally insulted. Eventually, she says Tyvia and Rando may stay. She desires song, and is flighty about anything else he asks. Rando begins to entertain, and gains advantage.

The halfling asks the stone nymph for his friend back, and she asks how he likes not working. He says that his work is with the Drangonborn female in the trees. “You don’t want to work for me?” she asks. He is charmed by her, and starts telling her jokes. Trying to back away proves difficult. She asks him to fetch the drift globe, so we may have a better look around.

In the fray of the halfling and bardic hijinks, Illy attempts to stealthily flank the stone nymph. Yossarian loses sight of the elf, as does Rando, and have no concern since they are charmed. Aric and I notice she’s slinking in the shadows. Aric requests a tune from Rando about waterfalls. It is painful. Several rocks open their eyes, and start dancing to the terrible music. Aric drops his rock and it cracks. Blood rolls out and it twitches. Aric asks the stone nymph if the rock is okay. She says he is dead, and you’ll have to perform a service. He sings Oh Danny Boy. He takes out a hanky to lay over him, and the stone nymph stop him from touching him. The other rocks are depressed over the loss of their friend. “When one of us dies in this manner, it is customary for a service to be performed.”


The stone nymph instructs Yossarian to place the globe just so. She carves into a rock, and folds it into a stone letter. She hands it to Aric to deliver to Lorca in the city of Grillo. Illy starts climbing a tree to free the dragonborn. A rose thorn the size of a palm juts out on her next hand hold, to stop her climb. She tries to grab the thorn as it appears from the bark of the tree. Her hand passes through it, and it disappears. She assumes it is an illusion, and moves to keep climbing. Illy sees a creature in the tree adjacent which looks like a giant butterfly, looking at Illy, while making hand gestures. She continues her climb, keeping the butterfly in her periphery. It disappears, and tiny claw marks appear in the branches, which bow as if a weight is on it.

Aric tries to look for the dragonborn. Tyvia attempts to charm the charming. Asking the stone nymph’s name, to give Lorca the name of the writer, the nymph responds, “Do you think he is seeing another Paedramora?” With persuasion, Tyvia convinces the nymph that she’ll go with Aric to deliver the letter, to ensure its safe delivery… Unless Thava and Lugosh are released from their binds so Tyvia may keep her plans in Grillo with them. After some back and forth, she releases Thava. Stone nymph finally lets loose her name, Marqueza Nalda.

(Thava fell and hit a rock)

Aric helps Thava to her feet. She’s woozy. He reminds us that we have a stone note to deliver. We all bow, doff our various hats, and whatnot, and take our leave, only realizing when we’re about to leave that Lugash is still up in the tree of stone. We try to get the stone nymph to allow us to speak with Lugash, and she agrees in her own way: whatever noise he makes dictates whether he goes or stays. He makes a pitiful and angry noise, and she decides it means he wants to stay. We are unsure about this. Illy is now climbing around in the tree, and ends up hanging upside-down like an acrobat.

We try to convince the stone nymph to allow us to bring Lugash along with us. Rando attempts to make a deal with the nymph. Tyvia gently suggests that Rando not shake hands without first figuring out the terms of the deal. The nymph says Lugash could come with the party, however he would need to swear to return and that Rando would owe her a favor. Illy nearly falls from the tree above, smearing blood as she cuts herself on a broken branch, but now we all know she’s above us.

The nymph is particularly interested in a rouge from Rando’s disguise kit, especially after it’s applied to Tyvia’s already beautiful face. Aric makes the suggestion that Rando simply trade the rouge for Lugash, however, the nymph snaps to attention and tries to confuse Aric, but he sees through the charm. The deal is struck, Lugash drops and rolls to the rocks below. We hear a cat meow. Illy is still up in the tree, and annoyed by making all her efforts come to naught. She drops down like a jaguar.

Stone nymph whispers to Lugash, and he swears to come back by the next moon rise. We get upset about this, however since Rando and Yossarian are still charmed, they are useless in the dealings. The business is concluded, more or less.

The party heads back down the trail, but there’s no light and no easy way to discover the way they came from. Nobody is quite sure. Yossarian inspects the drift globe that the fae had left behind. Yossarian casts the light out and it floats along. Nobody seems to know what direction we’re supposed to be going, however, and it’s not going well. One dead squirrel is floating behind us, thanks to Lugosh.

The light illuminates our old friend, the goblin, who is standing inside the stone door of the building we’d originally come from. He tells us that we shouldn’t come back in here, as we promised not to come back. Illy raises her bow and fires a shot at the retreating goblin. Rando attempts to charm Illy into not shooting, but she resists it and fires anyway. Her arrow is true and finds purchase in the goblin. She runs forward to check her quarry. He used to be an adventurer, but then he took an arrow to the knee.

Tyvia attempts to heal the goblin, tying a tourniquet and pulling the arrow through, stabilizing the wound. Illy says the goblin was being a jerk, while Aric searches through the goblin’s pockets. Illy believes that we have safe passage if we have this goblin. According to Tyvia “He’s the best hall pass we’ve got.” Aric picks up the goblin gently and we continue on, trying to get out of this place. The ladies lead with their dark vision, followed by Yossarian and his drift globe and Rando and Aric close behind. We return to the area with the carvings, hoping to find our way out safely…



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