The Drow


The dark elves of Sapucaia Roca live in glittering cities far to the north of Grillo and Merida. There are no known routes, overland or by sea, to the deserts that enshroud the drow civilization, but a few unflinching travelers have brought back rich stories that quicken the interest of even the encantado, stories that germinate lush mythologies about the northern cities.

Unlike the dark elves in other crystal spheres, the drow of the northern cities do not suffer from a weakness to sunlight and live on the sands and shores above ground, not below it. Drow in the south are exceedingly rare, but it does happen that explorers who have mapped one of the secret north-south routes are sometimes dark elves and they have become known to a few of the southerners.

The dark elves also seem to lack a predilection for mindless cruelty, leather and bondage, and Machiavellian devotion to a spider-demon. Parity between the sexes seems to exist.

The Drow

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